Tuesday, October 2, 2012


I have been interested in Yoga ever since I took class back in 1999. Afterward I was sore for 8 days. Mind you, I had been an avid gym goer, found myself to be in decent shape, simply took yoga because I had heard about it's mind mellowing properties! During the poses I felt like I could do most of them fairly easy, so I was really suprised that I was sore for so long. That's what hooked me.

I am only human, I can only do so much, but with Yoga I feel like I can do so much more! I hope I can inspire you to feel the same!

Keep coming back for more!I will post all things Yoga related, POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS, and eventually post yoga videos so my yogis around the world can have some yoga with me when they are not in Nashville. You guys asked for it! I will try to post them soon, however I have to make them :-) Not having a video camera, might be rough...going to use my iphone and webcam for now. Please be patient with me! Granola,blessings and Namaste!